Earn Money for Wall
The PAC offers many different types of fundraisers.
We would like like to thank family members, friends, community members a most of all PARENTS in helping with these fund raising events.

Even if it as simple as bringing in your unwanted cell phone or collecting ink cartridges from friends and family members, remembering to go to schoolmall.com
before you shop online,
or shopping at Meijer using the
community reward card, or collecting and saving box tops ALL year long for the contest in February, or buying a book at the book fair,  We appreciate EVERY effort to helping our schools become a BETTER place for our children.


The money raised is used to fund the following needs:
  • Camp Fort Hill t-shirt
  • Field day t-shirts and supplies                                                    
  • Author visits
  • Off set costs of field trips
  • 2nd grade year books                    
  • Classroom needs
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Tailgate Party/Cookouts
  • Reading month supplies
  • Children Concerns
  • 2nd grade graduation